Cold-Brew Iced Coffee


Gotta love the Virginia humidity… I have officially switched over to iced coffee in the morning because carrying a hot beverage out the door when it’s 90 degrees and feels like the inside of a steam room makes me want to hurt somebody. The best part about this coffee is it’s cold-brewed so I start it the night before and can get caffeine in the bloodstream asap the next morning. This requires a French press which is well worth it if you like quality, strong coffee.

Ingredients (makes two cups):
1/2 cup coffee beans (preferably Italian or French roast – something bold)
fresh, cold water (enough to fill up an 8-cup French press)
creamer of choice
sweetener or flavoring of choice

1) The night before, grind your coffee beans coarsely.
2) Pour coffee grounds into the French press, fill with cold water, and place top on press (but don’t press yet!). Place the press in your fridge overnight.
3) In the morning, slowly press the coffee. Serve over ice with creamer and sweetener if desired!


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